Vegan Cook book

Im not a recipe  follower , not at all actually , but I like to  get some inspirations from good chefs once in a while ... This book rocks!
The Veganomicon !

This book is very good .. lotsa cool and refreshing ideas  !!

From their website :
Veganomicon intends to fully prepare you for the vegan revolution. Besides just giving you 250 recipes we've also included lots of basic stuff. Maybe you already know how to roast pumpkin, soak beans and toast millet. In that case - awesome! Then you can just be like "Shut up Isa and Terry!" and move on to an adventurous casserole. But we also had the beginner cook in mind, or maybe just the forgetful cook who can't be bothered to memorize grain to water cooking ratios or the roasting time for sweet potatoes. So we've included prep information and simple preparation guides for beans, grains and veggies.

We've also made Veganomicon as kitchen friendly as possible, including icons at the top of each page to indicate which items are gluten-free, low-fat, under 45 minutes, soy-free and supermarket friendly. Of course there are also the usual suspects, peruse the sections below and try out some recipes.

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