Franckobrains is Back to the kitchen !!

Back to the kitchen, the same kitchen I used to own when I had my Vegan restaurant in 2005. When I closed it I hade many requests from old customers and regulars to re open something asap....

For me the restaurant life was over ! But after 4 years of cooking for friends and family , the natural urge to share my tasty recipes came back at the same time as the availability of my old kitchen !!! Coincidence ? I think not !

Next week will re-introduce the Psychobilly Vegan chef into his old kingdom of raw,real and vegan food !! The concept  will be a bit different :  I will offer ready to eat vegan and organic meals .. .that way you can bring a little bit of Franckobrains into your own home . Isn't that amazing ?

I will also  share some of my recipes and will post my reviews of cool places I'll visit when on the road with my band THE BRAINS...

I will also write some posts in french, occasionally , for my fellows french quebecois!

And the return of my vegetarian cooking classes will be in full effect soon !!! more to come !

My kitchen is located at the BIOTERRE health food store in the Mile End area in Beautiful Montreal, come and say hi ! (and buy my food!)

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