Not eating animals = Domestic terrorists?? WTF ?..Let's talk politics ...

This is deeply disturbing. It’s the US government’s “Domestic Extremism Lexicon,” Here’s the government’s write-up on “Animal Rights Supporters”:
A movement of groups or individuals who ascribe equal value to all living organisms and seek to end the perceived abuse and suffering of animals. They believe animals are sentient creatures that experience emotional, physical, and mental awareness and deserve many of the same rights as human beings; for example, the right to life and freedom to engage in normal, instinctive animal behavior. These groups have been known to advocate or engage in criminal activity and plot acts of violence and terrorism in an attempt to advance their extremist goals. They have targeted industries, businesses, and government entities that they perceive abuse or exploit animals, including those that use animals for testing, human services, food production, or consumption.

Even  canadian Senator Hervieux Payette is ranting against  vegetarians
“The vegetarian lobbies have turned into extremists. They do not respect our democratic institutions and use savage tactics to achieve their goals, which greatly discredits their cause,” said Senator Hervieux-Payette. :

How about a passage noting that the top animal protection groups have publicly condemned every sort of action listed above, and that the movement overwhelmingly embraces nonviolence as a guiding principle?
The point of this writing seems to be to fabricate an excuse to put peaceful and dedicated animal protection activists on a government watchlist. And there’s more; look who animal protectionists are lumped together with: Aryan prison gangs, the militia movement, Neo-nazis, and white supremacists. When I think about how many Jewish people occupy influential positions within the animal protection movement ,this categorization disgusts me more than I can say.

Meanwhile, the industries that brutalize and slaughter ten billion animals a year, while worsening climate change and creating grave risks to public health, are somehow left off this “extremism” list. No doubt because they had a say in its creation.

So , according to them , when I eat my roasted squash with braised tempeh on quinoa pilaf  and talk about it or promote healthy living, I'm a threat to national security ?   WOW!  It makes me feel warm inside ....

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